How are you marketing your business?

When you get the marketing fundamentals right, promoting your business will be so much easier. Shaline Manhertz – Exceeding your potential is running two workshops designed to help small businesses do just that.

Workshop 1: What are you offering your customer?

This workshop will cover two key areas that will enable you to focus your marketing and promotional materials as well as define what you say to people when they ask you about your business:

  • Have you thought about what you are offering your customers? Not just the service you provide but the benefits because when people buy, they are thinking about how the product or service can improve their lives. What are the benefits of your service/product?
  • What makes your offer more special than someone else providing the same type of product/business? What are the 5 top reasons that your ideal client should choose you? What makes you different from others in your industry?

By the end of this workshop you will leave with an action plan of how you can show your existing and your potential customers why you are their best choice for their needs!

Workshop 2: Who is your ideal customer?

This workshop will help you to determine the answers to the questions below so you can target your marketing materials and energy to the customers you really want and not just to a mass market:

  • Who is the main target audience for your product/service?
  • Can you describe them in a short paragraph?
  • Where will you find your customers and how can they find you?
  • What interests them? What don’t they like?
  • What need is driving your customer to come to you?
  • How do they make buying decisions?
  • What makes customers happy to wait for your product/service rather than find a substitute?

Knowing how to answer these questions and what to do with the information will save you money, time and energy while delivering a more effective marketing outcome and make you money.By the end of this workshop you will have an action plan of what marketing and promotion activities you need to do to target your existing and potential customers more effectively.

The workshops are delivered through a combination of group coaching and sharing of views.

To sign up for the next round of workshops, please email or give me a call.

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